Routines by Type



dump_sg2        list   SEG2 data

read            input  HotShot data

read_bis        input  Bison data

read_csv        input  CSV data

read_eko        input  Ekko data

read_sg2        input  SEG2 data

read_sgd        input  SEGD data

read_sgy        input  SEGY data

write           output HotShot data

write_csv       output CSV data

write_sgy       output SEGY data



hist            histogram of individual traces

histogram       histogram of entire data set

list_csv        list traces in comma-separated-value format

list1           list-plot one trace and list header

list2           list-plot two traces and list headers

list3           list-plot three traces and list headers

listdiff        list-plot two traces & their difference

listspec        list-plot trace's amplitude and phase spectrum



section         seismic section generation

spectrum        generate amplitude and phase spectrums



agc             automatic gain control

agc_2           automatic gain control without shadow zones

balance         trace balance

gain            programmed gain control

gain_exp        exponential gain

gain_tq         time dependent gain

iscale          instantaneous scaling

r_scale         record normalization

rabal           record-averaged balance

rascal          record normalization according to its maximum

scab            shot and channel amplitude balance

sphered         spherical divergence correction

srab            shot and receiver amplitude balance

t_scale         trace normalization


filtering and deconvolution

debias          dc bias removal

debubble        remove bubble train from Maxipulse data

decon           single-channel deconvolution

filter          band-pass, band-reject, notch filter

finver          generate general inverse operator

fkfilt          fk filter

fkspec          fk amplitude spectrum generation

matchf          match filter computation

mean_f          multi-channel mean value filter

median_f        multi-channel median value filter

mnphase         compute minimum phase of given signal

radcon          record-averaged (and surface consistent) decon

reamp           replace vector's amplitude spectrum

rephase         replace vector's phase spectrum

smoother        convolve trace with triangular or bell-shape operator

specs           generate traces containing amplitude spectrums

stft            short term Fourier transform filtering



cdp_bin         assign cdp numbers to traces

cdp_bin3        assign cdp numbers to traces

chart           plot header values

f_break         store time picks in headers

geometry        geometry definition

h_math          header maths

h2spike         place spike on trace at time from header

head_drop       drop selected header elements

head_keep       keep selected header elements

head2t          copy header element to trace

headcopy        copy headers across traces

headfix         round or truncate header values to whole number

headit          header 'if-then' value definitions

headlist        tabulate header values and maximum trace value

headlite        summary of header values

headtime        encode time-values in trace headers

headval         header value definition

p190            define trace headers from a P1-90 file

r_fold          count the number of traces in each record

reindex         reset trace header indices; set record_n and e-o-r headers

rotate          rotate header co-ordinates

sign_off        generate signed offsets from unsigned offsets

sps             define trace headers from SPS files

sr_bin          assign sequential shot, receiver numbers to traces

t2head          copy trace element to header

xy_bin          assign cdp bin numbers to traces


statics, dynamics, mutes, stack

focus           compute and apply residual static corrections

h_mute          trace mute according to header values

hotv            automatic dynamics

mute            trace mute

nmo             apply or remove normal-moveout

refocus         apply residual static corrections

respex          automatic statics and dynamics

revelator       instantaneous stack

shift           trace static application

snmo            statics and normal-moveout

stack           stack and mute-zone scale

stack_med       automatic spike and noisy trace edit

stack_t2        trim all highest amplitudes; stack

stackm          mute, stack and mute-zone scale

tptotx          reverse slant-stack (tau-p to tx)

txtotp          forward slant-stack (tx to tau-p)

v_stack         vertical stack

v_stackb        vertical stack


velocity analysis

cv_pick         constant velocity coherency picker & spectrum maker

cv_scan         constant velocity stack and coherency measure

cv_scanr        constant velocity record scan

v_vector        vectors of velocities from velocity functions

vf_pick         velocity function coherency picker

vf_scan         velocity function stack and coherency measure



dmo             dip moveout

migrate         pre-stack time migration

pstm            pre-stack time migration

redatum         datum migration



append_2        join two traces

append_n        join all the traces from a record into a single trace

complex         complex trace generation

depthcon        time-to-depth conversion

diffract        generate a pre-stack diffraction

flatten         horizontal alignment

gates           trace windowing

hyper           generate hyperbolas

make            generate synthetic traces

measure         measure various trace levels and store in headers

mix             running mix

patch           interpolate/extrapolate for missing traces

patcher         interpolate/extrapolate; coherency enhancement

peak_freq       show how trace frequency varies with time

pickup          reorder trace elements; splice traces

pilot           generate pilot traces

r_acor          record autocorrelations and amplitude spectrums

r_measure       measure various record levels and store in headers

ratio           measure ratio between data in two gates

refile          redefine a file's sort-order and sample-rate

reflect         generate a pre-stack reflection

relength        pad or truncate trace at either end

repeat          trace repeater

resample        change trace sampling rate

resampx         trace interpolator

rezero          re-mute after filtering

semb            semblance of sets of traces

sinc_2d         generate a 2d sinc function

sort            trace reorder using memory

splice          merge two sets of traces

split_2         split one trace into two

stretcher       trace stretcher

sweep           generate a Vibroseis sweep trace

t_math          trace maths

tramps          find amplitude spectrums of two traces and their ratio

tweak           signal enhancement

z_vector        vectors of depths from velocity functions


general vector mathematics

cfft            complex-to-complex fft

clip            clip|zero vector elements outside given range

cvmul           complex vector multiply

cvrcip          complex vector reciprocal

dotpr           vector dot product

envel           vector envelope

hann            Hanning taper

hlbrt           Hilbert transform

lveq            logical vector from vectors equal

lvge            logical vector from vectors greater or equal

lvgt            logical vector from vectors greater than

lvne            logical vector from vectors not equal

lvnot           logical vector not

maxv            vector maximum value

meamgv          vector mean magnitude

meanv           vector mean value

measqv          vector mean from vector elements' squares

minv            vector minimum value

polar           rectangular-to-polar conversion

rect            polar-to-rectangular conversion

rfft            real-to-complex fft

rmsqv           root-mean-square of vector elements

sign_bit        replace vector elements by 1

sve             sum of vector elements

vabs            vector absolute values

vadd            vector add

valog           vector inverse log (base 10)

vatan           vector inverse tangent

vatn2           vector inverse tangent from paired elements

vclr            vector clear

vcos            vector cosine

vdiv            vector divide

vexp            vector exponentiate

vfill           vector fill with scalar

vfrac           truncate vector elements to fractional parts

vint            truncate vector elements to wholenumber parts

vln             vector natural log

vlog            vector log (base 10)

vmax            form vector from maximum of paired elements

vmin            form vector from minimum of paired elements

vmov            vector copy

vmul            vector multiply

vneg            vector negate

vrand           generate random number vector

vrvrs           vector reverse order

vscale          vector normalize

vsimps          Simpson's rule integration

vsin            vector sine

vsort           vector element sort

vsqrt           vector square-root

vssq            vector signed square

vssqrt          vector signed square-root

vsub            vector subtract

vsum            vector running-sum integration

xcor            cross-correlation


general matrix mathematics

rfft_2d         2d real-to-complex fft

radial          radial trace transform

vt_xt           transform vt records to xt

xcor_2d         2d correlation

xpose           matrix transposition

xt_vt           transform xt records to vt